1. Frozen Beauty









    A raindrop bursts as it lands on a balcony during a thunderstorm in Frankfurt, July 24.

    (Canon 1d IV, 2.8 300mm, 1/1000 sec, f5.6, ISO640)

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  2. Bad Parking

    A damaged van sits in a streambed after it was washed away hundreds of yards in a flood that followed heavy rain in the village of Wallernhausen, north of Frankfurt, July 14,

  3. Drowsy Puppies

    Two 3-months-old French Bulldogs get drowsy as they are being held for a photo at an animal shelter in Oberursel, north of Frankfurt, July 2.

  4. Duck Procession

    Mother duck and her ducklings cross a lane in Offenbach, July 2.

  5. Thistles http://wp.me/s3Cpng-thistles

    Thistles (and a bee) on a meadow near Friedrichsdorf, just outside Frankfurt, July 1. (Sona Alpha6000, SEL50f18, ISO200, 1/1600 sec, f 3.2)

  6. Evening Light

    Grass and herbs are illuminated by the setting sun on the rural northern outskirts of Frankfurt, June 26.

  7. A Matter of Time

    Some of the last poppy flowers blooming on a field in the north of Frankfurt, June 22.

  8. World Cup Watchers

    People sit on their stools, camping chairs or blankets to jointly watch the World Cup soccer match Germany vs Ghana on the sidewalk in front of one of Frankfurt’s traditional “Wasserhauschen” (water houses) June 21.

  9. Muscle Man

    An apron with an image of a male body wearing typical Bavarian lederhosen in front of a shop selling tourist items in Frankfurt, June 19.

  10. Together We Stand

    Three boys and a man pose for a photo on Roemerberg square in Frankfurt, June 19.

  11. Nulla Vita Sine Musica

    A woman sports a tattoo reading “No life without music” in Rüsselsheim, some 20 kms southwest of Frankfurt, June 13.

  12. Global Thinking

    Black beach balls fly through the air during a protest by trainees of some of General Motors’ European factories in Rüsselsheim, June 13.

  13. Pearls of Dew

    Dewdrops on a small cobweb between grass blades in Frankfurt this morning, June 15.

  14. Cross­generational Project

    Some of the members of a project group stand in front of the Philosophicum, a former building of the Frankfurt university that was erected between 1958 and 1960 at the city’s Bockenheim district.

  15. Nature, More or Less

    A deer is prevented from running away by a tension belt at a market garden in Frankfurt, June 8.