1. Hookah Lounge

    A man smokes a shisha while checking his smartphone at an open air hookah lounge/cafe downtown Frankfurt, Sep.16.

  2. At the Carwash

    A model stands in a rollover car wash unit on display at the ‘Automechanika’ auto parts trade fair in Frankfurt.

  3. Waiting Position

    A dummy waits for reassembly at a stall on the Frankfurt fairgrounds, Sep. 15, the day before the ‘Automechanika’ auto parts trade fair opens.

  4. Wood Craftsman

    A craftsman creates a wooden object on a lathe in Frankfurt, Sep.14.

  5. The central Flower

    At a park in Gießen north of Frankfurt.

  6. A Photo with a Frame

    At a park in Gießen, some 60 kms (37 mls) north of Frankfurt.

  7. Diorama restored

    A diorama featuring African animals at the Hessisches Landesmuseum in Darmstadt south of Frankfurt, Sep.10. After 7 years of renovation, the multidisciplinary museum is to reopen in the next days.

  8. A City behind the trees

    Frankfurt’s highrise buildings behind the forests and trees, seen from the soccer stadium in the south of the city.


  9. Miniature Handball

    A German first division handball match at Frankfurt’s Commerzbank Arena stadium that normally serves as a soccer venue, Sep.6 2014.
    Just the next frame made it ‘Sport Picture of the Day’ in the Guardian. They also nicely explain the tilt and shift effect :-).


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  10. Fall is Near

    A hazy morning in Frankfurt, Sep.6. At left is the Eschenheimer Turm, a 15th century remnant of the medieval town fortifications.

  11. Ancient Turtle

    A visitor is reflected in the glass that protects the fossil of a turtle, roughly 45 million years old, on display at the Messel Pit (German: ‘Grube Messel’) exhibition hall, just southeast of Frankfurt, Sep.2.

  12. Pyrotechnics

    Onlookers stand on the Holbeinsteg, a pedestrian bridge over river Main to watch the fireworks that concluded the three-day ‘Museumsuferfest’ (Museum Embankment Festival) in Frankfurt, Aug.31.

  13. Two-Dimensional Dog

    A dog rests on the lawn on grayhound racing day in Bad Homburg, just northeast of Frankfurt, Aug.31.

  14. The Price of Gasoline

    A gas station at Biblis, some 70 kms (42 mls) southwest of Frankfurt, Aug. 28. (Photo taken with deliberate movement of camera.

  15. Little Flower and the Goose

    A little flower and a goose on the roof of the Chinese Garden in Frankfurt, Aug. 26.